This website is dedicated to Simon Rijnbende who, in 1793, at the age of 16 years, started a distillery at Schiedam.
Somtimes people ask me: "The Rynbende company does not exist anymore. So why taking the trouble building a website?"
Well... My name is Wouter Rijnbende. And, seeing my lastname, there is the relation to this Simon Rijnbende.
When I was a litte boy, my parents took me on holiday to Belgium. There I found a three edged bottle that held my own lastname: Rynbende. It was the beginning of my search wanting to find everything there is to know about the company that one of my ancestors founded, and preserving all this information for our future, sharing it with you.
Please take a closer look in the world of Rynbende, see how it all started and what collectibles have been issued during the years.
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History (old)

Simon Rynbende was an enterprising young man, who, at the age of 16, founded a distillery at Schiedam.

KLM Miniatures (old)

KLM Miniatures were issued to businessclass passengers on KLM flights. But also read more about special houses, like the Frans Hals museum.

Farmhouses (old)

Besides KLM houses, there was a set of six typical Dutch Farmhouses.

Delft (old)

Delft Blue miniatures, windmills, figurines, jugs etc.

Gouda (old)

Gouda pottery, jugs

Glass animals (old)

A lot of bottles were issued as hand blown glass animals.

Copier Bottles (old)

A.D. Copier was a famous Dutch glass designer who designed the three edged bottle for Rynbende.

Stoneware (old)

All kinds of stoneware bottles from the Rynbende company.

Miniature bottles (old)

The miniature bottles are collected by collectors all over the world.

4 Compartment bottles (old)

Imagine how they were able to fit four different kinds of liquor in just one bottle.

Other bottles (old)

And more bottles.

Enamel signs (old)

Advertisement signs in enamel.


I have been able to trace quite a few decks, but am still searching from some.


A drink comes with a smoke.

Glass (old)

From shotglass to even longdrink glasses.

Advertisement (old)


Ceramic Animals (old)

Animals as bottles, containing liquor.

Paperwork (old)

Miniature bottles were collected by many people. But, who collects paperwork? Most of it was thrown away.


Seeing hundreds of labels, I will be busy collecting for a while.

Blijmoedig Maandblad

As from 1928 Rynbende had it's own magazine.


Before we had e-mail, we used to send greetings by postal services.

Other (old)

And more... much more...

Photoalbum Rheden

Last but not least, a page which has nothing to do with the Rynbende company. It's another hobby of mine, taking pictures at events in my hometown Rheden.
Mind, this chapter is in Dutch...

Advertisement: Rynbende Spirits
On March 25th 2023 a grandson of an old Rynbende employee has re-introduced the brandname Rynbende at the National Jenever Museum in Schiedam. After 40 years, one can order Rynbende Gin again at Rynbende Spirits; mind, this website is in Dutch!
Disclaimer: The Rynbende Spirits website is a commercial website that it not related (other than by the re-introduced name Rynbende) to the informational website. If you have any questions about the new products, ordering, invoicing, customer service related issues, please contact Rynbende Spirits (and not me :-)).